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Coreas Auto Separates from Coreas Hazells Inc. to Form New Entity: Coreas Auto Supplies Ltd.

Coreas Hazells Inc. is excited to announce the separation of Coreas Auto into a separate legal entity, officially named Coreas Auto Supplies Ltd. This move is to enhance operational efficiency and allows for the company to focus more effectively on serving customers’ needs and delivering exceptional automotive products and services.

While this change brings about a new legal entity, it is important to note that for the time being, all aspects of Coreas Auto’s operations will remain consistent. This includes product offerings, customer service, and existing partnerships.

One key change that customers should be aware of is the alteration in payment procedures. Moving forward, cheques written for auto products and vehicles should be made out to Coreas Auto Supplies Ltd. This adjustment ensures a seamless transition and avoids any confusion regarding payments.

Coreas Auto Supplies Ltd. remains committed to providing the same high-quality products, reliable services, and customer satisfaction that customers have come to expect from the Coreas brand. 

“As we continue to evolve and enhance our services, we want to express our gratitude to our customers for their continued support and loyalty to the company.” said Mr. Kevin Dickson, Country Lead for Coreas Hazells Inc. “This transition marks a new chapter in our journey, one that is filled with exciting opportunities to better serve our valued customers.” 

About Coreas Auto Supplies Ltd.: 

Coreas Auto Supplies Ltd. a subsidiary of Coreas Hazells Inc, is the local authorized dealer for Nissan and local authorized distributor of Shell Lubricant products. The leading provider of Nissan automotive products and services, dedicated to meeting the needs of customers with quality products, expert advice, and outstanding customer support. 

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